Facts about our upcoming road levy

Lawrence Township Trustees

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Michael Stevens, Trustee

Keith Blowers, Trustee

Sean Roseman, Trustee

Cynthia Meismer, Fiscal Officer

E-Mail: [email protected]                                                                                                                                                                   Phone: 330-854-3830
Fax: 330-854-3665


Facts about our upcoming road levy:

When will the levy be on the ballot?

The road levy will be on the primary election ballot on May 3rd.


Is this a new tax?

This levy will replace a previous road levy, of the same size, that expired 12/31/21. Because the previous levy expired it is considered a new levy, however, residents will be paying the same amount based on their property value.


What will this money be used for?

This money can only be used to fund the township road department. It will be one of two levies, if it passes, that collectively fund the department along with smaller amounts from license plate tax, gasoline tax, and inside millage.


What does the road department do for the township?

The services provided by the road department include:

Snow and ice removal (plowing and salting)

General road surface maintenance (pot hole repair, chip & seal)

Maintenance of road signage

Maintenance of roadway drainage

Floodwater control & response

Vegetation and tree control along roadways

Driveway culvert pipe installations


What will this cost me?

Approximate yearly cost of $49 per $100,000 in tax valuation. Tax valuation data is available online through the Stark County Auditor.


How much money will this generate?

The 1.4 mill levy will generate $348,789 per year for 5 years.


When will I pay it?

If passed this will be added to your property tax bill beginning in 2023.


What will happen if the levy fails?

If the majority of the township residents voting do not approve the levy we will have another chance to run it in the November general election. If it should fail a second time it would require the board of trustees to implement budget cuts in the road department. This would include reducing the staffing and cutting future road related projects and programs. The likely result would be longer times to plow and clear roads in the winter. In the summer and fall fewer road repairs would be possible and extra programs like leaf pickup would need to be cut.


What should I do?

We strongly encourage everyone to get out and vote on May 3rd!

Lawrence Township relies on the support of its residents to keep all our great services running including Police, Fire/EMS, Road, Zoning & Park. If you have any questions about this levy or any other township matter please reach out to the township office or one of your township trustees. We are here to support this great township.


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