The Common Sense Approach

October 5, 2021

Keith Blowers
North Lawrence, OH 44666

What is the common sense approach?

Taking a common sense approach to a public office should be, in fact, common sense.  The phrase itself can encompass a lot and could be subject to interpretation so allow me to give some context.  My common sense approach is based on core values I consider crucial to the township:  Family, Community, Business, Leadership, and Professionalism.

Making good sound decisions in the best interest of our families and our community is what the trustees are elected to do.  Having a family with young children who will be part of Lawrence Township for years to come is what compelled me to run for this office.  Beyond our own families, we need to be attracting other young people and young families to be a part of our community.  Providing top notch safety services, quality roads, reasonable zoning restrictions, and affordable taxes along with our two excellent school districts is a winning combination.  Attracting families to the community keeps property values up, generates tax revenue and reduces vacant properties. 

Having grown up in a family business that has expanded to encompass several states and nearly 200 employees, I will bring this experience to the Township.  My extensive experience in budgets, forecasts, and accounting will help squeeze the most from our tax dollars.  Using new and creative ways to attract talent has become necessary as staffing is a critical issue for the Township just as it is for private businesses. 

Leadership is a lot of things. I have the drive to constantly listen, learn, and come up with creative ideas and solutions.  I will improve communication with residents, identifying key issues and sharing future plans.  I will encourage community participation and the use of more modern technology to facilitate it.

I believe professionalism is not just in how a person looks or talks, but a measure of their effort and dedication.  Being elected as a leader of our community is not something I will take lightly.  I will be present, engaged, and available.  I will be respectful of the issues and opinions of all residents.  I will represent Lawrence Township with the same intensity I bring to my own business.

I always encourage anyone to reach out to me through social media or by calling or stopping by my office at Skipco Auto Auction.  You can see my other content on Facebook or  I sincerely hope I can earn your vote and be given the opportunity to serve Lawrence Township this November 2nd. 


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